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Will an injury support a disability claim even if it was treated?

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Serious injuries can leave victims with life-long pain and suffering. Whether a North Carolina resident suffered harm in a vehicle accident, while performing the duties of their work or in another situation, they may discover that even with medical intervention they are still severely limited in what they are able to do. In some cases, a person’s injury may support a claim for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, even if they have received treatment for it.

For example, in some cases, injuries and impairments require individuals to undergo complete reconstructions of their joints. A person may require the reconstruction of their knee or hip if it is significantly harmed. After reconstructive surgery, a person may still qualify for disability benefits if they are still unable to move effectively, if their recovery is limited and their impairments are long-term.

As our readers may know, claims for support are generally based on extensive medical evidence and other forms of support. When preparing a claim for SSDI or SSI benefits after a reconstructive surgery or other medical treatment, a person can usually benefit from getting complete and accurate information about their own unique application for benefits.

Many North Carolina residents are struggling to make ends meet because of their disabling injuries, illnesses and other ailments. Getting the right information about applying for SSD benefits may be a starting point for those who are ready to begin the process. The initial application for SSD benefits is the most crucial stage of determining whether or not a person will actually end up being approved to receive those benefits.

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