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Amputations can disable a person in North Carolina

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Amputation involves the surgical removal of a part of a person’s body. Suffering an injury or illness that requires amputation can be traumatic to an individual who has enjoyed the full and complete use of their limbs and appendages. When amputation becomes a medical necessity, a person may find that they are unable to do the things that they were able to do prior to their procedure.

For example, the amputation of a North Carolina resident’s leg may prevent them from walking on their own or participating in the sports they enjoyed before the removal of their leg. Depending upon the work that they have done, they may or may not be able to occupy the same position of employment that they had prior to their amputation procedure.

Certain forms of amputation are considered disabilities under the definition provided by the Social Security Administration. The removal of both of a victim’s hands may constitute a disability, as may the removal of a hand or foot if the amputation results in the inability of the victim to use prosthesis to help them live their life.

The medical process of living through and recovering from an amputation is traumatic and long. This post is not offered to provide specific medical advice but rather to information amputees that their limitations may avail them to the disability benefits offered by the Social Security Administration. Amputation victims who cannot work may want to learn more about how their conditions may support a claim for disability benefits under various government programs.

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