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Do mental disorders affect children?

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Any parent can tell you that children’s moods will swing from one end of the spectrum to the other in a matter of moments. A myriad of factors can influence how happy, sad, angry or silly a child is, such as how much sleep they have received, how stimulated they are and what interactions they have had throughout the day. These variations are normal, but for some North Carolina kids, regulating emotions and feelings can be next to impossible.

Just as adults may suffer from mental conditions like anxiety, depression and intellectual deficiencies, so too can children be affected by these serious conditions. The Social Security Administration recognizes that children may be disabled by their mental conditions and therefore includes in its listing of covered conditions a section on mental conditions that can impact and disable kids.

Proving that a child is disabled by a mental condition can be similar to proving that an adult suffers from one. An application for benefits based on a childhood mental condition may need to include clinical evaluations, reviews of treatment plans and doctors’ notes regarding the state of the child’s health, and other important information. Because mental conditions can seriously affect children’s lives and prevent them from supporting themselves, the Social Security Administration offers some options for them to seek benefits.

Recognizing that one’s child is disabled due to a mental disorder can be hard on a parent. Disability benefits law firms can offer a wealth of knowledge and support to families that do not know how to proceed when it comes to getting help for a child who is struggling with a mental condition.

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