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Anxiety disorders are varied and can be disabling

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The term “anxiety” is often associated with stress, fear and other sentiments of worry or concern. From time to time practically all North Carolina residents will experience it, whether they are anxious about new jobs, fearful of pending medical procedures or worried about their families. However, most cases of anxiety pass with time and individuals return to their normal mental states. Individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders, however, may not ever find relief from their unease.

It is important that readers understand that anxiety is a general term that covers many different mental conditions. In fact, different anxiety disorders can be constant, contextual, may affect kids more than adults or may be triggered.

Social anxiety disorder is a mental condition that can cripple a person’s ability to interact with others. A person with social anxiety disorder may not be able to effectively communicate due to their self-consciousness and embarrassment, thus precluding them from many types of work that require human interaction.

Phobias are disorders that cause fear in individuals when certain conditions are present. If a person cannot avoid contact with the subject of their phobia when working, then their condition may be disabling to the point of preventing them from working.

Panic disorders can have physical manifestations that can cause individuals to experience rapid breathing, racing hearts, pain and intense fear. The inability to control a panic disorder or any anxiety disorder may cause them to suffer significant harm in addition to robbing them of their ability to work. A disability benefits option may support a person who suffers from an anxiety disorder.

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