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Disability benefits appeal takes time and are too slow for some

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When a person applies for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, they must follow the procedural steps that this governmental entity has put into place to allow for the fair and impartial review of applications that arrive each and every day. While the procedures it has established helps the Social Security Administration maintain an orderly manner of functioning, the process can be cumbersome and slow for men and women who are in need of support. In fact, in North Carolina and throughout the United States, individuals seeking disability benefits are dying before their appealed cases are reviewed, according to reports.

More than 8,600 people died in 2016 while waiting to hear if their disability benefits cases had been decided, and in 2017 that total rose to more than 10,000. Individuals who have sought appeals for disability benefits are now waiting an average of 540 days to learn the outcomes of their cases.

This data is both shocking and tragic because it demonstrates that individuals in need are being forced to wait months and even years to get the help they need to get by. Our readers may take this news story as an indication of what they may face if they endeavor to take on the Social Security Administration for disability benefits, but the process is not the same for everyone.

Although there are no guarantees when it comes to filing disability benefits claims, men and women can always get help with their applications and appeals to the Social Security Administration. It is important to understand the process that applications must follow and prepare strong requests that may not be subject to rejection and appeal by the reviewers at the Social Security Administration.

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