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Help for when an injury keeps you out of work

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Getting hurt and not being able to work can be very hard on a Charlotte resident. If their injury is something that they can recover from and that will eventually allow them to get back to work, they may have short-term options for getting financial help until they are back on their feet. If, though, their injury is permanent and disabling they may need a long-term option for staying financially afloat.

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are government benefits programs available to men and women who qualify and who have incurred disabilities. An injury may be considered a disability if keeps them from engaging in substantial gainful activity, is medically determinable, and is expected to last for at least a year.

Getting help after a disabling injury can be an important step in working toward receiving either SSDI or SSI benefits. An attorney who works in this field may be able to help a person prove with medical evidence the severity and permanence of damage they sustained when their injury occurred, or they may be able to help them demonstrate the individual’s inability to get back to work and earn their own gainful income.

The attorneys of the Bridgman Law Offices advocate for SSDI and SSI applicants and provide them with knowledge and support during every step of their Social Security disability journeys. From preparing their initial applications to supporting them through reviews of their cases or denials of their claims, the legal team of the Bridgman Law Offices is available to help those suffering from disabling injuries with their Social Security disability claims.

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