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What is an intellectual disorder?

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The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities offers a two-part definition of what it means to suffer from an intellectual disorder. According to this group, an intellectual disorder involves limitations in a person’s intellectual functioning and their adaptive behavior. While intellectual functioning has to do with a person’s general intelligence, adaptive behavior has to do with how that person social and practical skills in their daily life.

Living with an intellectual disorder can be an incredible hardship for a North Carolina resident. In fact, some individuals who deal with these severe disabilities receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

In order to qualify for disability benefits based on an intellectual disability, a person must meet certain standards. For example, their intelligence must be below average, they must lack some capacity to completely care for themselves and their deficiencies must be supported with evidence showing that the individual’s condition began before the age of 22.

There are other ways that a person may demonstrate that they suffer from a disabling intellectual disorder. Intelligence or IQ testing can offer proof of their incapacities, and other analyses can provide the Social Security Administration with evidence of their need for disability benefits.

Seeking benefits for disabling intellectual disorders can be a challenge for men and women who struggle with performing everyday tasks. However, securing these benefits can be an important step toward ensuring that they have the financial resources to get the help that they need. Attorneys who provide disability benefit support are excellent sources of information for individuals with intellectual disorders and their families.

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