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Strive for accuracy in your disability application

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Given the fact that you have suffered a recent disability, you may see Social Security Disability as a source of assistance. Still, it is possible that Social Security will deny your request for disability benefits. You want to be sure that your application will convey your request accurately and persuasively. Consider how to best represent your situation in your application.

Medical News Today points out some key areas that could benefit from a precise explanation of your situation. You may avoid mistakes that could cause an unnecessary denial of benefits.

Be Precise In Describing Your Work

Social Security will want to know how your disability prevents you from doing the work that you used to perform at your job. A sentence in your application that just says your health condition does not allow you to work is unlikely to suffice. You should explain the expectations for your job and describe why your disability does not allow you to meet these expectations any longer.

Do Not Downplay Your Condition

Some people actually downplay aspects of their disability out of pride. They try to make themselves look more independent than they really are. This is something to be careful about because it could cause Social Security to think you do not truly need disability. Even a comment like “I look after my kids” when your children are near adult age may make you seem like you can handle various tasks without aid.

Avoid The Appearance Of Exaggeration

You also should not come off as exaggerating your condition. Social Security will want evidence that your condition affects you as you claim. Such evidence will likely include medical exams and other documentation from your doctor. If you cannot back up your claims, you may face a denial of your application.

Even if you receive a denial anyway, you may appeal your denial and appear before an Administrative Law Judge hearing to make your case for benefits. If so, keep the aforementioned steps in mind when you appear. Being accurate as possible may convince the judge that your claim has merit.

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