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What types of work-at-home injuries could workers’ comp cover?

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The North Carolina Industrial Commission’s website notes that if you experience a work-related injury, you must notify your employer and seek medical treatment. Workers’ compensation provides coverage for the cost of job-related medical care. When an employer requires you to work from home, North Carolina’s labor laws continue to protect you.

You may apply for workers’ comp benefits whether a job-related accident occurred at an employer’s physical location or your home. If your employer designated a health care provider that you cannot reach from your home, you may visit any doctor or emergency room.

Common Injuries Experienced By Remote Employees

Regardless of where you work, you have a right to relief from physical pain or strain. You may apply for workers’ comp benefits if an injury occurred while performing your regular job duties at home. As reported by PropertyCasualty360, the most frequent injury experienced by remote workers relates to their upper and lower backs.

If you perform repetitive motions sitting at a computer, you may experience pain in your hands, wrists and shoulders. Even in a home workspace, you have a right to avoid physical harm while you complete tasks related to your employment.

Untreated Pain, Discomfort And Eye Strain

The University of Pittsburgh notes that ignoring a work-from-home injury could result in long-term musculoskeletal issues. Sitting in a chair for several hours at a time causes discomfort for about one-third of remote employees. Poor posture may lead to strained joints and muscle aches. Eye strain may lead to vision problems and headaches if left untreated.

Failure to seek medical treatment for pain, strain or discomfort may cause a disabling condition to develop. North Carolina’s statutes require employers to carry workers’ comp insurance. You may receive benefits covering injuries that occur while performing your job’s duties regardless of where you work.

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