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What is the purpose of SSI?

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Supplemental Security Income, often referred to as “SSI,” is a federal program that provides financial support to certain individuals. It is often confused with Social Security Disability benefits, which is another program offered through the Social Security Administration. Our readers will likely need to know just what SSI is.

There are three groups of people who may qualify for SSI: the elderly, the blind and the disabled. Individuals who are disabled may seek Social Security Disability benefits support, but a disability is not required for SSI. What is required is limited income on which a person may live.

If an individual falls into one of the three mentioned categories and has no job or income, they may be able to seek support from the SSI program. However, contributions to their welfare from family members and the government may count as income and may limit their ability to collect SSI.

If a person receives SSI benefits they may use the money they get to pay their rent or housing payments, buy food or meet whatever other basic needs they are struggling to fulfill. If, however, a person is able to work or comes into a means of income aside from the SSI benefits, they may see their benefits cut off. There are a number of reporting and technical requirements that SSI benefit recipients must meet, and getting the right information about SSI, as well as disability benefits, can help a person stay ahead of any problems that may arise as they think about applying for these benefits.

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