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Disability benefits for heart disease

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The human heart is a miraculous thing. It beats and sends blood through the body, providing every system with oxygen and sustaining life through its regular operation. North Carolina residents who have been forced to live with heart problems or diseases know, therefore, just how disabling it can be to live with a malfunctioning heart.

Heart problems can range from minor to life-threatening, and while some may have therapies or cures, others may be chronic issues that individuals must learn to live with. Depending upon the nature of a person’s heart condition, they may be able to apply and qualify for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

For example, chronic heart failure may allow a person to receive disability benefits if the individual suffers from systolic or diastolic failure, and is unable to perform activities that are necessary for independent living. A person who has received a heart transplant, however, may not be able to receive disability benefits in perpetuity, as their condition may only be considered a disability for the first year after their operation is performed. Subsequent years must be reviewed to ensure that the individuals meet the definition of “disabled” as provided by the Social Security Administration.

Aneurysms, congenital defects and a host of other heart-related medical conditions can substantially limit the abilities of Americans to care for themselves and do the work that they need to do to earn incomes. Living with a heart condition or disease can be difficult, and those who do may seek help when they wish to pursue disability benefits.

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