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Do you have cancer? You could qualify for disability benefits

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Cancer is a terrible disease that robs North Carolina residents of much of their ability to enjoy life, and for some victims of this disease, it also robs them of their ability to work. If you have cancer and you are unable to work because of the disease’s effects on your body or the negative effects of treatment, you could be eligible for financial support through the Social Security Administration.

The SSA considers cancer to be a qualifying disease for disability benefits, but it can be complex to actually secure the financial support you need. If you believe that you may have a rightful claim to these benefits because of your disease, you do not have to navigate any aspect of the claims process alone.

How do you know if you qualify?

Not everyone who has a serious, debilitating medical condition will qualify for disability benefits. However, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have a qualifying work history that includes paying SS taxes out of your paycheck.
  • Your medical condition meets the definition of a disability as set forth by the SSA.

Once you determine that you qualify because of your cancer diagnosis, you may move forward with the benefits application process. Claims sometimes come back denied and there can be other complications, and you have no time to lose in initiating the process to getting the financial support you need.

What you may not know about SSDI benefits

It can be beneficial to fully understand how the claims process works and other factors about the SSDI benefits. The following is information you may need regarding your financial support from the SSA:

  • There is no set amount of SSDI benefits; the amount you get depends on your work history and the amount of SS taxes deducted from your pay during that time.
  • It is fairly normal for claims to come back denied, but you have the right to appeal this decision and continue to fight for benefits.
  • Your current income or financial situation does not have any bearing on your eligibility for SSDI benefits.

Cancer may have brought many significant changes to your life, and the last thing you want to worry about is fighting a complex application process to get financial support. Fortunately, you do not have to navigate it alone. You may seek support and guidance from the very beginning of the disability benefits claims process.

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