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What is the purpose of SSI?

Supplemental Security Income, often referred to as “SSI,” is a federal program that provides financial support to certain individuals. It is often confused with Social Security Disability benefits, which is…

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Do mental disorders affect children?

Any parent can tell you that children’s moods will swing from one end of the spectrum to the other in a matter of moments. A myriad of factors can influence…

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SSI is an option for qualifying individuals

Life can be beautiful, but it can also be very hard. Depending upon many factors, a North Carolina resident may live their entire life without experience significant hardship, or they…

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How will my income affect my SSI payments?

Supplemental Security Income is a form of benefits paid by the Social Security Administration. In order to receive SSI a person must qualify either through blindness, age or disability. If…

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What happens to my SSI benefits if I find work?

Being able to work for one’s own living and to reduce their need for disability benefits is often a goal of a North Carolina resident who needs Supplemental Security Income…

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What rights to SSI recipients and applicants possess?

One reason that some North Carolina residents may put off applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) from the Social Security Administration is their fear that they may not be eligible…

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Are children eligible for SSI benefits?

Supplemental security income from the Social Security Administration provides qualifying individuals with financial support. There are a number of ways that a Charlotte resident may qualify for SSI, including by…

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The income reporting requirement of SSI

Supplemental security income provides certain individuals who are unable to work with financial assistance. A person who qualifies due to age, blindness or disability may receive this form of support…

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What are reviews and conferences during reconsideration?

It is not unusual for a North Carolina applicant for Supplemental Security Income to have the claim denied the first time he or she applies. This does not mean that…

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What happens I receive overpayment of my SSI benefits?

North Carolina residents who receive Supplemental Security Income through the Social Security disability program will be approved after they have met all federal requirements. Once qualifying for benefits, it is…

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Will getting a loan affect my Supplemental Security Income?

North Carolina residents who are receiving Supplemental Security Income through the Social Security disability program have been approved based on meeting certain federal requirements. This includes having an income and…

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Supplemental Security Income and the dedicated account

When disabled individuals in North Carolina are children under the age of 18 and the are receiving Supplemental Security Income through the Social Security disability program, they will have a…

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