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How to adjust to your new normal after an SCI

Spinal cord injuries are among the most common catastrophic injuries that workers face on a construction site. Damage to your spinal cord can result in permanent changes to your sensation,…

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How can work-related stress result in heart problems?

Undergoing chronic stress in the workplace can impact your life. When most people think of injuries in the workplace, they think about accidents that result in physical injuries. However, invisible…

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Can people with disabilities apply for Medicaid?

Disability claims can sometimes take quite a while to process. During this time, individuals might still need financial support with medical costs. To that end, is it possible for people…

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How does your job impact your SSD benefits?

Not just anyone can apply for and receive disability payments through Social Security. In addition to having a qualified injury, you also need to have fulfilled certain parameters with your…

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What are common injuries in warehouses?

Warehouses are known for being a hotbed of workplace accidents and injuries, due in part to the high level of risk inherent in the job itself. Knowing the most common…

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Expediting processing through the TERI program

When debilitating health conditions keep them from working for an extended period or permanently, many people turn to Social Security Disability benefits to help support themselves and their families. Should…

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How long can you work with fibromyalgia?

Regardless of where you work or the job duties you perform, it is perfectly normal to feel tired at the end of a long workweek. For most, though, resting for…

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How much might you receive if approved for SSDI?

When you become unable to work in North Carolina because of a serious illness or medical condition, you may be eligible to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. Whether you…

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Social Security Disability versus early retirement

Workers in valuable but highly physical industries, such as construction and manufacturing, are subject to an increased risk of sustaining a workplace injury or illness. As someone from such an…

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How brain injuries happen on the job

When traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) get discussed in the media, the focus is usually on sports like football and hockey, as well as TBIs suffered by soldiers in combat. But…

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What are the impacts of repetitive strain injuries?

Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) can impact anyone for any reason at any time in their life. It is a plague among workers everywhere. On top of that, these injuries actually…

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Why did your application for SSD benefits get denied?

According to certain statistics, up to 66 percent of applicants for Social Security Disability benefits end up denied. Other estimates even rank it as high as 2 out of every…

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