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How brain injuries happen on the job

When traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) get discussed in the media, the focus is usually on sports like football and hockey, as well as TBIs suffered by soldiers in combat. But…

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What are the impacts of repetitive strain injuries?

Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) can impact anyone for any reason at any time in their life. It is a plague among workers everywhere. On top of that, these injuries actually…

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Did you suffer from a back injury on the job?

Back injuries and pain make up the most common reasons that workers across the board miss work, both in and out of America. To this end, it is important to…

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What should you do after a workplace injury?

When you go to work, you expect to do your job and then come back home without incurring serious harm. However, a workplace accident can render you unable to go…

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Is sexual harassment always physical?

Sexual harassment is an issue that has existed in workplaces for centuries. Unfortunately, even with the advent of new technologies and other aids that make work easier for everyone, problems…

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How do RSIs impact your ability to work?

Dealing with a repetitive strain injury can make daily activities a much harder thing to accomplish. It can also affect your ability to work, which is one of the main…

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Did you suffer from an internal injury on a construction site?

The construction industry can sometimes feel like a hazardous bed of various potential injuries just waiting to happen. Some of these injuries, such as internal injuries, can even have a…

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How do heat-related illnesses occur in the workplace?

Whether you work in an outdoor or indoor environment, your body requires a specific range of temperature to remain healthy and continue working productively. Employers should never allow employees to…

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How can a back injury affect your work?

After suffering from an incident that led to a back injury at work, you might think that you can take a day or two off and then get right back…

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Jobs with high rates of accidents in North Carolina

For most workers, the thought of being injured on the job is a scary one. However, for some workers, it’s a reality. Certain jobs are more dangerous than others, and…

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Can life changes affect workers’ compensation?

Your life does not have to stand still if you receive workers’ compensation after an injury. But some life changes can affect your benefits. Be sure to understand how the…

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What types of work-at-home injuries could workers’ comp cover?

The North Carolina Industrial Commission’s website notes that if you experience a work-related injury, you must notify your employer and seek medical treatment. Workers’ compensation provides coverage for the cost…

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