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How OCD can impact a person’s ability to work

Lapses in memory, distractions, exhaustion and a host of other conditions can cause individuals to have momentary concerns about what may or may not have been done. For most people,…

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Symptoms of depression can be hidden and debilitating

A previous post here shared a story about a proposed plan by the federal government to monitor disability benefits recipients’ social media accounts. The proposed monitoring would give the government…

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Developmental disorders may lead to disability benefits

Children are born into loving North Carolina families every day. These families are prepared to provide those kids with whatever love and support that they need to thrive. While many…

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Anxiety disorders are varied and can be disabling

The term “anxiety” is often associated with stress, fear and other sentiments of worry or concern. From time to time practically all North Carolina residents will experience it, whether they…

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What does it mean to be bipolar?

Everyone has fluctuations in their mood throughout the day. A person may feel frustrated and angry while dealing with a work problem but then may feel happiness and peace a…

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What is an intellectual disorder?

The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities offers a two-part definition of what it means to suffer from an intellectual disorder. According to this group, an intellectual disorder involves…

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Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness

The term mental illness relates to conditions that influence the way that people think, feel and behave. According to the American Psychiatric Association almost one out of every five American…

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Depression may keep a person from holding down a job

Most Charlotte residents have battled their own personal struggles. While some have to cope with loss or addiction, others have faced adversity imposed upon them by outside forces. One of…

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Disability benefits for autism spectrum disorders

According to the advocacy group Autism Speaks, autism spectrum disorder is a class of conditions that can affect a person’s social, communicative and behavioral development. It is not unusual for…

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Mental illness can significantly impact the ability to work

Mental illnesses and psychiatric conditions are often misunderstood because they do not always manifest with physical symptoms. While it is easy for a Charlotte resident to demonstrate their disability if…

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What is anxiety?

It has happened to everyone. Sitting and waiting for something to happen, whether it is in anticipation of a happy event or in dread of an unpleasant occurrence, a person…

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Mental conditions and illnesses can be debilitating

When a Charlotte resident is unable to work it is common for others to assume that the condition preventing them from doing their job is physical. While many individuals suffer…

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